December 22, 2011

Toys for Tots Community Service

          Troop 806 would like to recognize Josh, Zuzu, and Alexandre for helping out in distributing Toys for Tots on December 20th. We would like to thank them for showing the community that a scout is helpful, and we all would love to see more scouts in our troop like these 3, who are reaching out into the community to do their part in making the world a happier place.

December 17, 2011

Eagle Court of Honor

Here are the Pictures from the Eagle Court of Honor for Daniel Kohl, Stephen Martin, and Donald Van Hook.
Congratulations to our new Eagle Scouts!

The new Eagle Scouts started off by discussing their Eagle Service projects, one of the most challenging requirements for achieving the rank of Eagle.


Then the fathers of each of the scouts came up and put in their share of encouragements, challenges, and embarrassing stories. :)

The scouts sat pondering over these wise words.

The Scoutmaster then took the stage and presented the scouts with their Eagle Neckerchiefs, a symbol of their accomplishment. The scouts then recited the Eagle Scout Promise, a statement of their loyalty to the Scout community and the scout morals and skills that have been established in their lives. 

The night continued with several more ceremonies including the moving of the scout's name up the "rank ladder" to join the other Eagle scouts who have made it in the past years and the presenting of the father and mentor pins by the Eagle scouts, an expression of thanks by the eagles to those people who have helped push them along to make them the prepared men they are today.



November 23, 2011

Ajloun Campout

 Well, after some techinical difficulties have been taken care of, the site is back up and running!

 Here are some pictures from the Ajloun Campout and Hike:

Getting ready for the hike

Starting it off easy, staying next to the road.
We're tougher than that, aren't we!
Ah, the Great Outdoors!



Entering the Ajloun Castle
Pretty nice,huh?
A scout IS friendly!

October 26, 2011

                   Welcome back to another great new year of Scouting!
This year we all should try to work as hard as we can to earn rank advancements and merit badges. I hope everyone has a fun time and learns a lot. I'll see YOU at the meeting! :)  

May 29, 2011

Troop 806 Statistics for September 2010 through May 2011

 Troop Statistics for the year

1.      43 boys comprised the troop during this time period.

2.      Rank Advancements 

                  Scout ……………….... 14

                  Tenderfoot …………... 12

                  Second Class …............ 11

                  First Class …………...... 4

                  Star ………………….... 3

                  Life ………………….... 3

                  Eagle ………………..... 6

                         Total               53

3.      151 Merit badges were awarded 
                   74 awarded in January
                   77 awarded in May

4.      The 26 merit badges awarded in this time period include:

A.    Archeology

B.     Art

C.     Auto Mechanics

D.    Camping

E.     Carpentry

F.      Citizenship in the Community

G.    Citizenship in the Nation

H.    Communications

I.       Computers

J.       Environmental Science

K.    Family Life

L.     Forestry

M.   Genealogy

N.    Geology

O.    Hiking

P.      Lifesaving

Q.    Painting

R.     Pathfinding

S.      Personal Fitness

T.      Reading

U.    Scholarship

V.    Signaling

W.   Sports

X.    Swimming

Y.    Weather

Z.     Woodworking


Arabic Interpreter – 6 scouts

French Interpreter – 4 scouts


April 16, 2011

More Dead Sea Campout 21-22 Jan 2011

Waiting out turn to cross the river

good chance to rest

I ain't going down there!  Are you crazy?

Come on in guys!  The water's fine!

This is what assistant scout masters do....

hungry again!

a view of the Dead Sea

Dead Sea Campout 21-22 Jan 2011

Smart sleeping arrangement!
Every year we try to have a campout by the Dead Sea.  We usually try to do it in the winter when it is not so hot.  This year we went in January.
as always we are setting up camp, taking down camp and cooking

organized confusion

anybody need a spatula?

we are getting ready for another hike

heading up the Wadi

see the little stream on the left?  Winter rains headed to the Dead Sea

Uhh... this looks more like a stream!

Our February 2011 Court of Honor

Christian and his parents

Zuzu and his mom

Stephen and his mom

Archaeology Merit Badge - at Sodom or Gomorrah - take 2!

I wonder what's under all this dirt?
These photo's show us working on the dig
working? or barely working?

Stephen and Mr. M

we even had girls on this trip!

busy at work

Here we are altogether!  We had a great day.