February 13, 2012

These are the pictures from the Dig Site at Tal El-Hammam, where a huge group of scouts (along with many others) went to do the Archaeology Merit badge. We spent the whole day there and learned a lot about Archaeology and how fun it can be.

 Upon Arriving at the archaeological site,  we had a quick tour of the site and some explanation on how to excavate in the best possible way.

A rare find of a whole pottery jar 
The banana fields around the site
A Huge sink hole right outside of the city walls
A picture of all the people who came with us, including
moms, dads and girls.

The scouts then got their own plot of land which they were supposed to excavate, and we worked pretty hard!

The plot of land we were excavating

Some of the girls who came with us on this trip

It was a very busy day!

An archaeologist teaching some scouts how to sift

David working on uncovering some of the walls
We then had lunch and took another quick tour of
the lower city and some of the guard towers.

After that, we worked a couple more hours, then packed up and drove to a hotel at the dead sea, where we learned how to wash pottery and examine it.

Packing Up

Dr.Collins teaching the scouts how to wash pottery

Leaving the pottery out to dry

Explanation about how to examine pottery and learn from it