May 7, 2013

5 day backpacking trip

A small group of troop 806 scouts went on a five day backpacking trip from Wadi (valley) Dana to Mini Petra. We started off walking through the Dana valley and slept near a bedoin camp. The next morning we woke up, packed up and hiked 10 kilometers into the rocky desert and slept at a small water source. The third day we hiked up a mountain and slept on top of it, this day was the hardest because it was all uphill. The fourth day of our backpacking excursion we hiked through the mountains and ended up sleeping in a tiny valley near wadi hassah. The fifth day we went to petra, ate lunch there and drove home.
Sleeping on top of a mountain on the third day

Walking through wadi dana

Climbing trees after eating lunch

Hiking up a mountain on the third day

Walking through the valley