October 7, 2012

Troop Outing #2 (camping trip)

This camp out it took us about an hour to get there and about another 45 minutes to get everything set up. Everyone set up their tents next to the shade or under trees, then we went hung out for two hours and played football (american football) and Frisbee. Then we were called to the main camp where all the adults were sleeping and we discussed what we were going to do for the day. For people Tenderfoot or below they did the totin chip, and for people who were doing the pioneering merit badge or who needed the requirement tied knots and lashings. This took four hours to do so. When we were done we got the fire going and started to cook dinner. By the time everyone finished eating the sun dipped under the horizon and it was night time. The darkness didn't stop us from playing Frisbee and climbing trees. After that we had a troop bonfire and told stories and jokes. We also had a scorpion problem and unfortunately one of the scouts got stung and had to be sent home. We wrapped it up and went to our tents to go to bed. Some campers stayed up and talked and others just closed their eyes and hit the hay.

 Bringing in firewood

 Learning lashings

 Practicing Lashings

Making sure lashings are correct

Having fun while tying lashings

 Making sure what lashing to do

The next morning we all wok up and smelled the crisp morning Jordan air and started a fire to cook breakfast. Omelets, Pancakes, fried potatoes and bacon and eggs are some examples of what we ate for breakfast. After we finished breakfast we started to clean up and pack up. We all started to take down our tents and put the leave no trace slogan into play. We definitely left the place better than we came.

Well that is our camping trip but their are more to come and more scouts to have fun.

Troop meeting #5

Today we did a lot with our patrols and continued our discussions on what we will bring to eat on the upcoming camping trip. For scouts that needed to bring their bag to get it checked by their patrol leader or a higher ranking scout did that. We also discussed that we will be doing the totin chit and the fireman chit during this camp out. We will not be going on a hike for this camp out. People also paid 10 JD for the trip at the end of the meeting and we watched a video on what the Pledge of Elegance means.

Troop meeting #4

Today we did our usual start up, with the scout law, oath, and outdoor code. We discussed the camping trip that we will be going to next week and organized what food we were going to eat. We announced that we will be doing the pioneering merit badge during this one night camping trip.