April 16, 2011

More Dead Sea Campout 21-22 Jan 2011

Waiting out turn to cross the river

good chance to rest

I ain't going down there!  Are you crazy?

Come on in guys!  The water's fine!

This is what assistant scout masters do....

hungry again!

a view of the Dead Sea

Dead Sea Campout 21-22 Jan 2011

Smart sleeping arrangement!
Every year we try to have a campout by the Dead Sea.  We usually try to do it in the winter when it is not so hot.  This year we went in January.
as always we are setting up camp, taking down camp and cooking

organized confusion

anybody need a spatula?

we are getting ready for another hike

heading up the Wadi

see the little stream on the left?  Winter rains headed to the Dead Sea

Uhh... this looks more like a stream!

Our February 2011 Court of Honor

Christian and his parents

Zuzu and his mom

Stephen and his mom

Archaeology Merit Badge - at Sodom or Gomorrah - take 2!

I wonder what's under all this dirt?
These photo's show us working on the dig
working? or barely working?

Stephen and Mr. M

we even had girls on this trip!

busy at work

Here we are altogether!  We had a great day.

Archaeology Merit Badge - at Sodom or Gomorrah

Now this is one of the activities that shows what an amazing troop we belong to.... how many scout troops get to work in a dig like Sodom and Gomorrah in order to earn the Archaeology merit badge.  We are a one of a kind troop!
We had one of the best turnout'e EVER for this merit badge.
Here is a great view of the fertile Jordan valley as a backdrop to the barren ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah.