March 8, 2011

Our First Campout in Wadi Walla, Oct 7-8 2010

Hey, this is me, your troop historian.  We had a great campout at Wadi Walla for our first campout of this year.  It was a great place and we had fun swimming, rappelling and working on merit badges. It was nice to have water nearby.  That is kind of a luxury here in Jordan.
Here you see we had our own little "tent city".  The ground was really hard, since we were mostly on all rock.  I know I ended up sleeping in my chair, which some of the scouts found pretty funny (fortunately there were no pictures taken of me with my mouth hanging open)
We spent a lot of time cooking.  We had some pretty "interesting" food to eat.  For many of us, it was our first time using cast iron dutch ovens.  Plus our leaders said we had to really cook and not just Ramen or Macaroni and Cheese.
Isn't this a great swimming hole?

Here are some scouts working on merit badges.  We got a lot done.  We learned how to make fuzzy fire starting sticks, do first aid.  Some of the guys even got to practice first aid on a live  unnamed patient, who cut his finger making fuzzy sticks.
I think all of us enjoyed rappelling with Mr L and Mr D.  Some of us wanted to whimp out, but with a lot of coaching we all made it down the cliff.  Then we wanted to do it again.  It was really fun after all.
Good thing we have some army men who know how to rappel.  Some of the leaders even took a turn, after the boys were done!

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