January 29, 2013

Dead Sea Campout

This past weekend more than 40 boys went on a camp out to the dead sea; an annual camp out that troop 806 visits every year to enjoy the scenery of the majestic dead sea. We did many things, repelling, hiking, and swimming in the dead sea.

When the troop got there it was hoarded with flies, and hot (really hot!!!). We  unloaded the baggage the dutch oven, the logs, and everyones bags. We set up camp got settled in and started preperations for dinner. We ate burgers and fajitas, we then retired to a campfire program that involved a patrol angainst patrol contest. The winners prize was candy; kit-kats, snickers, and mars bars. Hawk patrol against Eagle Patrol, and to a big suprize Hawk patrol won the competition. After that exciting event we had a little troop treat "COBBLER". Soon after the sweet treat, we settled down, told stories and sat by the fire. When we retired to bed it was about 9 o'clock.

Our only chance at taking a shower "under a waerfall"
The next morning was fast moving and filled with excitement because of the upcoming hike soon after breakfast. We ate french toast for breakfast, and ate it with gusto. We had about 30 to 45 minutes to prepare for the hike.
Group Picture Just Before the Hike

The hike took us through the valley, up hills and cliffs, through tight fits and streams.We saw small animals on the way, like toads and small lizards. We hiked for about 6-7 hours. When we got back we went down to the Dead Sea and had some great fun.

Having being exhausted from the hike and seeing the Dead Sea most of the troop, relaxed until it was time for the next meal.
Hangin Out at the Dead Sea

For dinner on the second night the Eagle and Hawk patrol had some interesting and tasty food to eat. For example, Eagle patrol ate some nice sizzling burgers, while the hawk patrol enjoyed baked potatoes.

For the Campfire program we did watched a "show" by the Venture patrol it was, "Eagle Idol". We asked each Eagle or Life scout what it is to be an Eagle scout and why they want to achieve that goal. After the entertaining campfire program we ate cobbler, roasted marshmallows and warmed ourselves by the fire. We went to sleep earlier than the last night to be ready to get up early and pack up for the long drive home.

We woke up early the last morning of the long, fun camping trip. We got together ate pancakes for breakfast. We then began to pack up our things and head home. It took us about an hour to get everything up the hill and another 20 minutes to get them into the car.

It was a fun camping trip and certainly not the last I hope every camping trip each one was more fun and adventurous than the last.

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